Articles Posted by Eric Barton

Live Out Your Real Estate Fantasies In The Tuscan Country...Thinking of actually buying that second home on the foothills of the Alps, to live out everyone's Tuscan daydream?
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Local Chefs And Farmers Discuss Organic Food At RestaurantsAdvice on how to spot the real thing, and maybe when to back off that organic promise
Five Local Chefs Who Refuse Special Requests In Their Res...How can a restaurant refuse a special request? Quite easily, say the chefs and owners who have created a trend in saying no.
Seek Culture And Adventure By Exploring GuatemalaGuatemala remains largely untrampled, for those willing to add adventure to their vacation.
Treasure Hunter Sold $50 Million Worth Of Gold — He's In ...Millions of gold coins went missing in 2010, just waiting for somebody to comb the evidence for clues.
South Florida Art Collectors And Dealers Give Us Their Be...When it’s time to graduate to collecting quality art, here is your guide on how to do it right
Rising Up From Parkland: 5 Inspirational StoriesAfter a tragedy comes an overwhelming, undeniable groundswell for something better
South Florida Locals Launch Photography Project In The Ev...Late at night, adventurers search the Glades for the last clues of failed pioneers.
When Technology Failed, Good Old Detective Work Led To Bu...For most of the 37 years that Captain Jeff Ardelean has worked as a state wildlife officer, he has been on the hunt for something that sounds like ...