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Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery
Jacob D. Steiger MD

Q. In a town known for plastic surgery, how do you manage to attract such a favorable following for facelifts?

A. I take a comprehensive “reverse engineering” approach to facial plastic surgery – I know that simply tightening a few facial muscles is not sufficient to achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance. I look at each patient’s specific aging pattern to determine the most effective way to rejuvenate the face, and to provide the most appropriate facelift. I treat the cause of the problem, rather than over-tightening the skin and muscles, to achieve better, longer-lasting results. My goal is to enhance my patients’ lives by helping them to achieve a natural look, using the most advanced and proven techniques. 

Q. What do patients want most out of plastic surgery?

A. Three main things I find that patients desire when seeking out plastic surgery are to look natural, enjoy the best possible result and have long-lasting effects. The deep plane facelift procedure meets all of these needs. It can last up to 15 years, depending upon the age of the patient.

Q. When is the right time for a patient to think about having a facelift?

A. As with any plastic surgery, it is a personal decision. When patients, male or female, see the visible signs of aging taking its toll on their appearance and they want to feel refreshed and look younger, yet natural, then it is the perfect time to consider these procedures. It is important for any patient to like what he/she sees when looking in the mirror and to feel good about himself/herself.

About Doctor:

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon whose state-of-the-art Boca Raton practice, Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery, specializes in helping men and women from all over the world achieve a natural, rejuvenated appearance. One of the procedures for which Dr. Steiger is acclaimed is facelifts, including a deep plane facelift, which goes below the muscle level to tighten and lift aging ligaments and restore a sagging jawline, drooping neck, and falling cheeks. Catering to the patient’s individual needs, he also performs SMAS facelifts, which are often performed close to the ear; and extended SMAS facelifts, which reach further into the jowl and neck. Take one look at Dr. Steiger’s “Before and After” gallery of photos, and you will understand why many of his patients say they wish they would have undergone a facelift sooner. 

About Hospital:

Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery

1001 North Federal Highway

Boca Raton, FL 33432