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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Yan Ping Xu DOM, AP

Q. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine view Insomnia?

A. Traditional Chinese Medicine healers have known for thousands of years that getting sound, uninterrupted, deep sleep on a nightly basis is absolutely critical to human health and well-being. Without it, your body fails, your mind falters, and your future fades. Sleep deprivation can be the root cause of many serious health problems, including obesity, dangerous inflammation, and diabetes. Conversely, satisfying sleep actually boosts the health of your body, your brain, and even your bank account. Learn how you truly can sleep yourself healthy, wealthy, and wise!


A. If you could bottle and market a pill that would enhance health in all the ways that sleep can, you’d become an instant millionaire. That’s how therapeutic sleep is! Sleep really is the ideal medicine for your body and your mind, allowing you to stay healthy and maximize all of your physical and mental capabilities. When you get sound, uninterrupted, deep sleep on a regular basis: Your body repairs itself and heals quickly; your immune system is in top condition; your brain health is enhanced; brain power builds; and creativity gets a boost. In addition to its ability to fuel obesity, inflammation, and blood sugar concerns, sleep deprivation can lead to a whole list of other ailments and problems that contribute to overall poor health. Occasional anxiety and headaches may worsen without enough sleep. Your immune system can become compromised when you are weary, raising your chances of illness and infection. Muscle, bone, and nerve discomfort can all increase with a lack of sleep. It’s clear that we must give the body what it needs to not only survive, but thrive: sleep!

Sleep Yourself Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!

About Doctor:

Dr. Yan Ping Xu is a highly respected and internationally recognized Doctor of Chinese Medicine. This is one of the main reasons why she partnered with Healthy Directions, one of the leading health publishers and direct-to-consumer retailers of doctor-formulated nutritional supplements. At Perfect Union of Body & Mind, her own state of art clinic, Dr. Xu has developed a line of modern botanicals based on traditional Chinese formulas to address the modern day needs. The Botanyst products are known to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms ensuring that you live a happy and healthy life.

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