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Hey, Money-Making Millennials, We Want To Hear Your Story

Millennials represent the most powerful and influential segment of our population. These 18-to-34 year-olds are making waves, making names for themselves and making money that rivals the Boomers who raised them.

Are you a millennial machine making your mark? Does your family member fit this profile? Do you work alongside one of these millennial marvels? Take advantage of our spotlight on accomplished go-getters of this generation.

An impressive addition to any resume and social media outlet, this first-ever millennial profile opportunity will include the following:

  • A full page color ad in 3 magazines: Boca Life Magazine, Gold Coast magazine and Fort Lauderdale for one low price. (Each includes inclusion in print and digital editions)
  • A personal phone interview with a professional writer to create a 250 word profile/advertorial.
  • One high-res picture (300 dpi), provided by you.
  • Professional ad layout / design in a templated format.
  • One 15x12 counter-card displaying cover & your page.
  • 20 copies of one of the January 2017 issues.
  • CD with files, with permission to include on your website, social media, and personal marketing materials.

For pricing, please contact: Publisher Nicole Ruth • 561.789.4111 • Nicole@BocaLifeMag.com

Interested? Fill out the form below.