Why You Should Consider Tea, Leaves And Herbs For Natural Remedies

by Alyssa Morlacci Mar 2016 Also on Digital Edition

Why You Should Consider Tea, Leaves And Herbs For Natural Remedies

We all know green tea offers health benefits and that a Starbucks chai is packed with more sugar than nutrients. But to further our knowledge, Maureen Ruggeri, owner of South Florida's Eat the Tea and self-proclaimed tea aficionado, offers up cures to daily ailments using leaves and herbs.


Cure a stomach ache

The remedy: Lemongrass and ginger

Why it works: Both ingredients are anti-inflammatory herbs that will help settle an upset stomach. They are also known to lower the risk of chronic disease and reduce appetite.


Reverse a headache

The remedy: Rose petals, lavender, passion flower and an herb called skullcap

Why it works: Headaches are often caused by stress, so rose petals, lavender and passion flower, which offer relaxing properties through vitamin C, help calm nerves. Skullcap is a plant commonly used in medicine to treat insomnia and anxiety.


Promote healthier skin

The remedy: Hibiscus, rose petals and sea buckthorn

Why it works: When it comes to treating the skin, not only does sea buckthorn aid in skin regeneration and shiny, healthy hair, but it's also used for burns, wound-healing and infections. Mixing this with hibiscus and rose petals offers a high level of collagen, the natural element to healthy skin that depletes with age.



The remedy: Pau d'arco and burdock

Why it works: This combination fights bloating and resets the stomach because both herbs work as antifungals to kill yeast, which often causes discomfort.


Doctor a cold

The remedy: Astragalus and echinacea

Why it works: Famous to Chinese medicine, these two herbs offer immune-supporting properties to fight colds, level fevers and sooth sore throats.

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