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Publisher's Letter: Food for thought

W hile the season is winding down, the social life in Boca and Delray continues to rock with wonderful events and dining experiences to be enjoyed around the clock. The April Foodie Issue has destinations that are new, tried and true. Check out the hottest country clubs, restaurants and venues that offer endless entertainment and options for every taste.

What better way to start a great meal than with a fabulous cocktail? Cheers to our feature story, “Rare Bottles,” with the low-down on high-priced, exclusive liquors and everything you wanted to know about the stars of the top shelf. Learn interesting facts and look no further than a few of our local restaurants pouring the ultimate libations into your glass. Teetotalers need not feel left out—there are fabulous teas to savor and ancient rituals to discover in our “Way of Tea” story.

When it comes to healthy eating, most of us aim to go organic. (I tend to go drive-thru—just kidding!) I know I feel extra special about my grocery shopping and restaurant food choices when they are organic, knowing I’m treating my body better and staying away from artificial ingredients. Take a look at “Is it Really Organic?” to discover some truths about this ever-evolving trend and lifestyle.

For many needy children in our community who worry about having a meal each day, and life’s basic staples and securities, Jennifer Bate goes to bat in her role as executive director of Boca West Children’s Foundation. Feel inspired by another hometown hero, Boca Helping Hands’ president Gary Peters who helped elevate the food center to new heights with programs and services that are making a difference in the lives and futures of so many.

Boca Life was the proud media sponsor of another important charitable event, the Concours d’ Elegance, benefiting the  Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Leno and having a few laughs with him, hanging with my friends and seeing lots of familiar faces. I was blown away by the $18-million Embraer P.J. (not even counting fuel and insurance costs), and some of the most outrageously sexy sports cars on earth that included a Bugatti Divo for $3.5 million! Funny how I’ve seen quite a few just like these driving around here... You’ve just got to love the Boca Life!

Nicole Ruth
Publisher Nicole Ruth with Jay Leno
Nicole Ruth
Nicole Ruth and Angela Vermillion with pilots