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Publisher's Letter: Happy New Year!

At the start of every New Year, I make a list of things that will make me happier, rather than things I need to stop doing. At the top of my list is traveling, something I adore and find to be incredibly gratifying, from the planning stages to the photo memories that last a lifetime. Whether you long to ski the slopes, dive the deep blue sea, travel to ancient lands or explore remote paradises, every season holds fabulous adventures for you to discover in this issue.

If staying close to home and enjoying your comfortable surroundings is part of your plan this year, find inspiration with our sister publication Florida Home & Garden insert. You may just find yourself honing a green thumb and sprucing up your abode for a fresh, new look.

For homes that will leave you in total awe, take a tour of various interior designs by some of our area’s top home designers on page 70. See how their artistry flows room-by-room in beautiful ways.

I’m all for changing my wardrobe as the seasons change here in South Florida. We have seen some various weather changes this season so far, from stifling 100-degree heat to delightful temps in the 40s! I love bringing out my cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, and not feeling foolish wearing them in sunny Florida. Unpack your favorites, and take a look at some of our must-haves that will wear well during every season, no matter where your travels take you.

Let’s make it a wonderful 2019. Shop our merchants’ fabulous after-holiday sales, and give to an important charitable cause as you attend the season of galas. Being kind, grateful and healthy are the most important resolutions to make.

It’s going to be a great year living the Boca Life!