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Publisher's Letter: Summertime Fun

Don’t you envy schoolteachers and students who get to enjoy months off from work and classes to frolic in the Florida sunshine and beyond? Well, even if your beloved summer break is much shorter than that, why not hop in the car and head down the road well traveled? Check out six Florida destinations worth the drive and follow our lead for the best spots to stay, eat and explore in our “Florida Road Tripping” piece.

Traveling to Cuba has become more welcoming, easier and varied with cruises and tours now available. Why not trade a ride in those vintage cars that line the streets of Cuba for a bike? Check out “Cruising Through Cuba,” to learn how a cycling tour offers a gastronomic glance into Cuba’s countryside. Peddle your way through historic streets and stop to savor the island’s many offerings.

Love where you live? I know I do, but sometimes I get the urge to relocate, even if just for a change of pace and scenery. Home sharing platforms in South Florida are working to become properly zoned so condo and apartment owners can legally short-lease their properties. Read about it in “Rental Revolution.” Time to start packing!

I hope your summer is full of your favorite adventures and well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Enjoy every moment and the Boca Life wherever your journeys take you!