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Publisher's Letter: Welcome To September

Welcome back from the wet, wild and somewhat wicked weather of the summer. I hope you enjoyed some R&R and adventurous travels.

I had the pleasure of traveling to breathtaking Colorado with my daughter where I stepped out of my comfort zone onto a zip line that launched me across the flawless blue skies high above Denver. I went horseback riding, took a yoga class with goats, ate incredibly healthy cuisine and enjoyed the splendor of the mountains and perpetual good hair days sans humidity.

On that note, while Florida is tough to bare in the summer, it has long been known as a spring break destination. Writer Bernard Moran takes us back in time to spring break in Palm Beach during the 1950s on page 104.

For us year-round residents, every day has the potential to be a vacation with access to the cultural attractions, restaurants and bars, shopping destinations, beaches, spas, country clubs and more in this issue’s Guide To Palm Beach County on page 34. Explore an upscale world of luxury, indulgence, fashion, fine food and endless entertainment venues every day of the year.

For those who prefer to live the lush life vicariously, Leslie Diver knows all of Palm Beach Island’s decades-old secrets and dishes them during her Island Living Tours. On page 28, follow the leader and learn the inside scoop you’ll surely want to share over coffee with the girls.

You’ll also want to tell them to download the app four Boca Raton women created called Womaze, a media sharing community for ladies like us. Read about it on page 32.

Palm Beach County is also home to an impressive roster of influential people. Find The 25 Most Powerful people in Palm Beach County (page 45) who are shaping our community in significant and difference-making ways. You’ll also want to take note of the Business Leaders who are the pride of their professions on page 55.

From Worth Avenue to Mizner Park, and everywhere in between, I hope to see you this September, enjoying the Boca Life everywhere you go!

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