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Publisher's Letter: A whole lot of love

February celebrates all things love. On the top of my list is my daughter, who is my favorite sidekick and manages to pull my heartstrings like no other. I love and treasure our time spent together. The other loves of my life include my two furry, four-legged sweethearts, LuLu and Jaxs. The low-maintenance love affair we share is a joy, especially after a long day of work when all they ask of me is to cuddle on the couch! If you have room in your heart and home, why not consider adopting a greyhound? Thanks to the new bill passed, the breed can no longer be used for racing purposes and need loving homes and some TLC.

During the holidays, I had time to catch up on fabulous movies on the big screen with an extra-large bag of popcorn at my side. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was my favorite; I saw it twice. And now I have fallen madly in love with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon. I highly recommend tuning in; prepare to binge watch! Laughter can be as intoxicating as love, and you can surely have your fill of chuckles at Boca Black Box where top comedians from around the country come to keep us in stitches.

Make-up can work wonders for a new look in the New Year. From dazzling shades of shadow, to long luxurious lashes and sultry lip colors, a little dab will do you well when it’s done just right. Take some tips from Deborah Koepper, makeup artist to some very famous faces and socialites, and check out her new skin care line. Why not go daring for Valentine’s Day with ravishing red lips and plant a kiss on someone special? If no one comes to mind, it’s not too late to find a new sweetie to swoon over, thanks to online dating sites. Cupid’s arrow may be just a click away when you know where to turn to meet that special someone. Read about some local couples who turned to technology and ended up lucky in love. Then, be inspired by four weddings and the couples who tied the knot in some of the most coveted South Florida hot spots.

While much of the country is doused in snow, how lucky we are to be surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, where we can still take a dip in February without wearing a wet suit. One of the things I love to do during this time of year is lounge by the water’s edge, take in the sounds of the waves and watch seagulls tiptoe by. Sadly, not all people respect keeping our most important resource clean, and it’s taking its toll. After seeing the devastating pollution caused by discarded plastics and debris, and the impact it was having on the waters of Indonesia, two local FAU grads founded 4ocean, a company created to clean up oceans around of the world.

Under the deep blue sea, treasure hunter Tommy Thompson found much more than discarded plastics back in the ’80s. You will be riveted by the story of his run-in with the law and a gold mine of secrets that live on.

Wishing you a February full of heart-fluttering moments, living and loving the Boca Life!