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Publisher's Letter

Reflecting On What Makes A House A Home In Our March Issue

The Home Issue appeals to my personal hobby of decorating and the feeling of satisfaction that greets me each time I walk into my own house. Through the years, my style choices have evolved with the times. From South Beach chic to Art Deco, New York loft to Boca contemporary, I’ve arrived at a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing balance of color and texture that feels just right within the walls of my contemporary abode. 

All sorts of styles are combined to create the home I feel proud to own and one that never ceases to receive compliments from my guests when they see the bold lines and bright colors. I am surrounded by the things I have chosen to reflect my lifestyle and tastes. That expertise from a professional is a gift worth giving to yourself if you are not quite sure how to express the feeling you want your home to exude.

Frank McKinney is a real estate “artist” who resides in Delray Beach and is known for his oceanfront mega mansions. Recently, he caught onto the trend of homeowners wanting to downsize and created his first “micro mansion” in Boynton Beach. Take a look and see that no matter the size of the home, it’s the interior that speaks volumes.

The magnificent homes in the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club in Boca Raton are as versatile as they are upscale. Open your eyes to one fabulous residence that offered us a sensational show-and-tell.

Plus, meet six local designers who take us inside their favorite rooms of their homes. From great rooms to kitchens, learn what makes each special, and gain inspiration on how to design your own favorite space. 

And speaking of favorites—you know the expression about how boys love their toys? Well, for yachts lovers who are growing bored of their usual fun on the water, they’re in luck, as even the smallest yacht toys are hitting the water with pride. Everything from fold-up boats to recreational submarines are all the rage.  

I hope you feel inspired to take a fresh look at your surroundings and think about a subtle new change or crazy new color you’d like to incorporate. Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to kick it up a notch, and kick back and enjoy, with a copy of Boca Life in hand, of course!