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Publisher's Letter

Tackle The New Year With Optimism, And Take A Look At The Future Of Boca Raton

The future looks bright and filled with hope as each new January does. This year in particular means that my daughter will prepare to head off to college, while I will embark on my first and only experience as an empty nester in my adult lifetime. I am filled with mixed emotions at the idea of calling my home-sweet-home all mine, yet there is an extreme sadness in realizing that my baby girl is now at an age where she will face adulthood alone. Bottom line—I am so proud of her determination and exciting journey still to come.

Along with the new year also comes those dreaded resolutions, but this year, I am tackling them with optimism. New diet, new clothes, new clients and new horizons—what could be better? 

Speaking of new horizons, downtown Boca Raton has taken on a new shape and vibrant dimensions with towering high-rises, hotels and entertainment like never before. Be sure to check out the revolutionary Oriental Mandarin Hotel, a world-class destination located right in the heart of our mecca. High-end concierge apartments, condos, restaurants and boutiques are also sprouting up left and right, adding to the dynamic environment we’ve come to love during the years.

South Florida has also become a draw for entrepreneurs and startup companies. Read all about the new businesses that are settling in our fair towns and making an impact on the business world.

You’ll also find our “20 Under 20” feature, which includes 20 standout South Florida youth who range from entrepreneurs to philanthropists to athletes. A prime example is Boca Raton’s own Rachel Zietz, a teen who founded the multimillion-dollar company, Gladiator Lacrosse. She also was recently named one of the 30 most influential teens by TIME magazine, putting her on the same list as the Obama and Jenner sisters. And 2015 Ms. United States Celine Pelofi will surely take you back in time as she dons ’50s vintage-glamour fashions and heads in the fast lane with luxury cars along Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue. 

There’s something very exciting about the start of the New Year, especially new beginnings. So whether your kids are heading out to school, you’re heading out to a new job, squeezing into a new pair of jeans or hitting the road for a fabulous adventure, make it everything you dreamed it could be and more. 

Bright and beautiful wishes for 2017. The best has just begun.

Nicole Ruth and her daughter, Skyler