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Thankful Beyond Words

Boca Raton is a destination to get a top-notch college education right in our own backyard.

For our northern friends, the leaves have turned fall colors, while we have just begun to see new, green growth after Hurricane Irma’s wrath stripped our tropical foliage down to its roots. I hope everyone recovered from the storm’s aftermath and that life has returned to its splendor by this festive time of the year. I was lucky to escape the storm by heading to the open arms of my new college girl in Alabama. It was refreshing to see my daughter acclimating to college life and letting her proud mom come along for the ride. 

 It isn’t necessary to leave the state in order to attend a great school. Boca Raton is a destination for a top-notch college education right in our own backyard. Read about local schools Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University that have been increasingly important in the game of higher education. And this year, both campuses have found even more success with additions, updates and all things new and improved. 

 Talk show host extraordinaire Arlene Herson is a familiar face in the Boca Raton social scene, and she has a long, prestigious career interviewing famous faces and contributing to the community she calls home. Learn about the stars of yesteryear and today as she shares her memorable experiences with them.

 We’ve seen the awe-inspiring waves crash against our shoreline, but I’ve often wondered what lurks beneath. Take a deep dive into South Florida’s artificial reef system that’s turning rigs and rubble into underwater jungles of corals, creating the perfect playground for marine life and humans alike.

 Life is “damn good” for the craft brewers serving up samples along the route of the Damn Good Beer Bus. Find out about Palm Beach County’s newest drinking diversion where you can grab a nice cold one on the go.

 As we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, my heart will go out to those near and far who have suffered tremendous loss and continue to face challenges to rebuild after the hurricanes. Please keep them in your thoughts and support their recovery in any way you can.

 Here’s to all we have to be thankful for.