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Inside the Style setter’s Studio

At Elle Studio, shoppers can purchase tops from Paris, sunglasses from Australia and towels from Turkey – and even rent formalwear for upcoming events.

Opening a boutique is not an easy job, but Elle Mawardi sure makes it look like it is.

The 25-year-old decided on a whim to open a clothing and accessories boutique.

Three weeks later, doors were open.

In 21 days, she completely redid and redecorated her space, curated and secured a collection of clothing and accessories, created social media accounts and a website, organized a grand opening event – and probably did a million other behind-the-scenes things that just come with the territory of opening any business. (And they say Millennials are lazy!)

Then, Mawardi got creative. She implemented a jet setter program for traveling women looking to pack their suitcases, a rental program for formalwear, and a bar cart for guests to help themselves to coffee or drinks.

A corner of the boutique is even designated as a photo booth, complete with studio lighting, props, a full-length mirror, and a life-sized, cardboard Instagram frame.

You might expect a store pulled together so quickly to look sloppy or unfinished, but Elle Studio is not. The racks are neatly organized, and divided by style and mood.

One wall is dedicated to formalwear, which can be purchased or loaned through the boutique’s rental program. Another section of the store showcases sophisticated, neutral separates – black, white and gray pieces sourced from Paris, Los Angeles and New York. Casual, comfortable pieces are in another corner – baggy, solid-color tops made from the softest material. One rack pops with colorful, printed bohemian pieces, while swimwear and Turkish beach towels dangle from another rack.

Brands sold in the store include Generation Love, Benjamin Jay, Cotton Citizen, Top Secret, Maya Swimwear, Rehab, For Love & Lemons, Quay Eyeware from Australia and many more.

For Mawardi, the most rewarding part of owning her own store is doing the hands-on work herself.

“I find style to be something constant yet ever-changing. ... I have learned a tremendous amount thus far, and I know the road doesn’t end here,” she says.

4142 N. 28th Terrace, Hollywood | myellestudio.com