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Indulge In The Sweetest Desserts In South Florida

Indulge in one of these delectable treats. Sharing is not required.

Candy & Cones

Head to Candy & Cones at The Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood for a customized experience like this loaded milkshake filled with vanilla ice cream, double chocolate fudge, Reese’s Pieces and a toasted coconut doughnut on top. 3555 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood; 954.602.6000; diplomatrestaurantgroup.com


Whether you’re dining with a S.O. or grabbing dessert with a friend, dig into KURO’s Chocolate Hazelnut Bar with flavors of raspberry gel and chocolate ganache. 1 Seminole Way, Fort Lauderdale; 954.327.7625; seminolehardrockhollywood.com


Upgrade your cheesecake experience with Duffy’s Sports Grill’s crunchy fried cheesecake, served with vanilla ice cream, Ghirardelli caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry, of course! 1804 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale; 954.713.6363/ 21212 St. Andrews Blvd., Boca Raton; 561.869.0552; duffysmvp.com


Dive into Junior’s extravagant “One-and-Only” New Yorker Cake Shake that’s topped with a full slice of fresh strawberry cheesecake and whipped cream. 409 Plaza Real, Boca Raton; 561.672.7301; juniorscheesecake.com